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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Welcome to my blog!

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Hello online world!

Without further ado (drum roll please..) introducing for the first time ever, the once in a life time grand opening of my brand spanking new blog.. ta-dah!! Ok, so maybe a little over the top but since I originally set up my blogger account 3 months ago and have taken this long to get around to actually finishing it off and writing my first post I am very excited (as you can probably tell)!

So who am I, and what in the world makes me think I am qualified to write a blog? My name is Jessica Townsend and I am a London based freelance illustrator signed to the Illustration Ltd. Agency. I spend most of my days drawing and designing, drinking copious amounts of tea, coming up with new ideas, occasionally taking photos and sometimes being distracted by what is going on in the street outside my studio window (you would be surprised!).

I set this blog up to help me connect with other creatives (being a freelancer working from home can be a little isolated at times), share any tips and tricks that I may come across or ups and downs  that may befall me on this interesting roller coaster ride of freelance illustration, highlight the work of other illustrators that I love, point out any opportunities that I may come across, and generally make a social commentary on the industry that I love so much!

In my next post I will be sharing with you some tips for setting up and customising your own blog so watch this space!

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